The Blue Eyed Boy

Research in the temple

Steve is looking up Boshes independent dealings.  (business, organizations, etc…)

where did he get training (and learn abyssal)?(investigation) Education spans between halov and lillith.

Jake is looking up access to records of this library (as much as possible)(investigation) (found Ghesh Drachedandion entered the library more than others in past 6 months.)

Mike is looking up Blue eyed boy prophecy (related events to it) or any more to it? (history) (prophecy has come true every time last time was 500yrs ago)

Gabe is looking up the powerful agents of orcus. (religeon) followed by many

Christina is looking Mirror artifact (emberglass) (arcana)

Day 2

Steve – Halovian espionage (History) messages sent in code and through a few channels by magic before hitting the final destination.

Mike – blue eyed boy how was past place destroyed. (History) explosions destroyed area.

Jake – searching for Ghesh (investigation or Persuasion)  dragon born will meet jake for dinner to discuss the blue eyed boy and prophecy.

Gabe – Civilizations destroyed (history) – boy about 12 destroyed it all through some power.

Christina – What swamp was it noted on last. (History) no idea of the swamp.

Day 3
Jake is going to dinner with dragonborn (& assist mike) (history) – he will look around for myra.

Mike stories about what happened (history) magic without using words or actions

Steve Boshes private dealings? (Investigation) no progress

Gabe  civilization important magics (arcana) they had wizards

Christina what swamp? (history) no location of swamp

Day 4
mike – map of fallen continent (History)- 

Jake – map of fallen continent (History) – Some destroyed places some rebuilt.

Steve – Boshes private dealings (Investigation) – Boshe has important dealings in Halov.   Transportation.

Gabe – Crazy magic (arcana) – no crazy magic research.

Christina (Swamp) (history) – in the forgotten swamp

Day 5

Emberglass path to it in forgotten swamp? yes
Is Elusive Brotherhood close to finding emberglass? yes
Is Emberlass in forgotten swamp? yes

Party teleports into Enrichings on harbor. They talk to the garrison for adviceon the the swamp then pay a guide for 5gp a day to traverse the swamp.  

Day 6
emberglass sw? yes
emberglass more w than s? yes
more than 2 day travel from me? uncertain

Head W & South from position at edge of the guides knowledge.

The party fights a squat frog beast that is clawing and biting the party.  Gabe becomes poisoned for 72 hours.  

Day 7 
1/2 day outside Shallowhaven

Emberglass in shallowhaven? no
Is Emberglass south or below shallowhaven?no
Could something call the Emberglass their possession? yes
Has the position of the Emberglass changed in the last week? yes
Does the Elusive Bretheren have the emberglass? yes
Do I regret not teleporting to where the blue eyed boy is? unclear

Day 8
is emberglass on its way to north lillith by river? no
is emberglass on its way to enrichingson harber? no
has the emberglass been teleported in the last few days? yes

Sending to Bodyknock.  Brotherhood has the emberglass they want the kid we need to find kid before them.  Where is he or who?  

Safe in protections.  Come see me I can show you the way.

Sending again:  Are you sure its the frickin emberglass we are talking about here.  could you give me teleportation circle town.

kid across dimensions only special path to get there.  not sure of emberglass power.

The temple of Boccob in the council and Nettisburgh

The party searches the Council and gabe finds a wand of magic missile that needs blood to function.  The rest of the party searches about the town.  Going to the embassy, the temple, and the tavern.

They meet up with a Dwarf in the tavern (jakes new char).

The night goes past.  Jake buys a cloak of protection that doesn't let him lock or unlock items. Stone of luck that you get lost if you are alone and can't find way around. steve gets boots of flying req attunement and glow when abberations are near as well as abberations get advantage about you.   myra gets rope of climbing that mutters

Day goes by and the party gets rdy to head underground to fight a worm left behind by the dead illithids.  They come to a part in the sewers that is broken out of where they killed off the illithids.

They fight off 2 mutated elves that heal by fire.  They then fight off 2 more in the tunnels around the illithid.  Both times daylight helped getting rid of them all.  

In the second fight they fight a mutated stone crab creature.  Gabe walled of fired on the crab thing and left it there the whole fight to manipulate the battlefield.  The crab thing burrowed to the back of the party to get away from the fire as a gargantuan worm creature came up from the passage.  The worm cast feeblemind on mike who had spirit guardian up since it sensed the magic emanating from him not to mention the daylight he had.   Mike failed the save losing both his int and cha.  Steve charged it and the worm swallowed him.  He fell unconscious from the stomach acids.  However, right before death he awakens and hacks his way out of the mouth of the beast and then stabs it through the eye killing it right before it lets loose more acid from it's 60' cone.

Staking out Winston's place

Day 1
Players get a letter meant for servant of the house to tell them to feed the prisoners.

Mike tries to scribe on Steves commander but fails twice.

Party learned Winston Bosche owns 1/8th of Kor & his ancestors saved one of the kings.

They learn of Gnolls.

They find out that 12-20 year olds are being equipped to deal with the gnolls.

Mayor is offering 10gp per head for the gnolls.

Party goes out to meet with the gnolls.

The party dispatches the gnolls but steves character gets affected by some curse and begins attacking the party.

The party uses magic to hold Steve back until the curse passes.  

Gabes character is freed from the cage and they release the people that tell them most of the gnolls were changed by the leaders from other farmers

Day 2
then turn in the 10 gnoll heads for the 100gp bounty.

Tell the captain of the guard to see where the cage on wheels came from.  To follow the tracks.

Mike fails at scrying again but andy succeeds

Winston boshe is elusive bretheren with many rust monster destroyed human remains found. Can we arrest from Dundragon?  

answer no wait for letter tomorrow.

Jake finds out that winstons name is stricken from lots of records.

Mike buys access to all major teleportation circles in lillith.


Letter:  Is the teleportation circle private or public?  Have you entered the residence uninvited or invited in?  Winston Boche is a powerful figure politically and has lots of sway over most of the nation.  His family was first given land and holdings saving the life of the first king our nation had.  Their family has pull on the laws in our kingdom and could of just made Owen a wanted man.  Why would he have tried to kill him through assassins when he could have the whole of the kingdom out to get him?  The human remains explain this part more.  I can't tell you more but Winston does have the right to use torture to get information from people for our country.  Some may die from torture not everyone has the same threshold of pain.  It is up to him where to make those bodies disappear.  I am not allowed to tell you more about what he does for our kingdom but I find from the information you gave me you will have a hard time convincing anyone to take action.   What proof have you found that he is part of the elusive brethren?

Mike buys a focus from north lillith and returns day 4.  

Winston flees to Nettisburgh.  aftertelling a maid to kill the party.

Day 4
3 assassins attack and drop mike.  The party heals mikes, gabe put up a wall of fire and mike teleported away.  Teleported them to The Council.  They gave up their weapons to enter the holy temple.  They will get them back and plan on teleporting to Nettisburgh the following day.

Finding the source of the assassins

Mid July

Deciding the Emberglass is safe and that the black scale dragonborn is gone.  The party decides to help their new friend (mikes character) to find a man he created a teleportation circle for that hired assassins to kill him.  The party is preparing to teleport into there from the circle in Elwood.

They teleport into Winstons teleportation circle (mikes former employer). They are stuck behind bars in an anti magic zone.

Winston tells them to kill mike and he will let them go.  The party refuses and winston tells them he will return in a few days. 

andy shoots a bolt with rope on it hitting the lever and pulling it down activating the gate down below.

They dangle mike down and a golem snatches him out of the air.  Then throws him to another golem.  Jake ties up the feet of the one holding mike.  It goes to throw mike the tied rope makes mike fall down then it tries to move and trips over the rope falling onto mike.  Steve digs out the rope and jake cuts it.  and they flee into the porthole.

they come into a rust monster den.   They kill the queen as swarms come flying out of the wounds.  Andy uses a torch and starts burning away the swarms.  The party clears the cavern out of rust monsters and finds a magic belt: steve is wearing it. (if you ever fall to 0hp and you still have your reaction you may immediately take a disengage action and can take one move action before falling unconscious.) they find a spell book and use the money to repair and replace lost gear.  cost was 1/3 cost per negative they lost.

They teleport back to Kor.  And watch winston to see his actions.

Party hires a family for 14gp to stay there.  

Steve sends a message "I determine that winston bosh is a part of the elusive brethren…"

Grug found fing and sent him back to the fire pit with a banish spell and he was banished to a city with people that speak some other language.  The fishy smell is all around here.  Cthulhu like being rises up and he flees back.

The Emberglass

The party has moved through the woods with the aid of a guide to where the Emberglass is said to be.  Upon reaching the clearing after rushing through the traps along the way the party comes to seeing some of the guards outside the ruins dead.

We assault the Elven ruins that the Drasgonborn have occupied, killing all of the 5 Dragonborn in the ruins.  We go into the trapdoor, go down the tunnel. We encounter the half-demonic/half celestial dragonborn.  The dragonborn casts Finger of Death on Gabe, who survives thanks to a special ability.  We kill his two dragonborn workers/associates.  He polymorphs me into a bunny rabbit. 

He tells us that he has killed many pixies and doesn’t know specifically about the one that launched the grotesque pillar.  is part of the Elusive Brethren, he cannot say what his orders goal is.  He says he is retrieving the mirror for an employer who he will not disclose.  He reports he wants to be king, and that Calladan, Shallowhaven, Kodobe tribe do not wish to be part of Lillith.  The mirror doesn’t wish to leave the room. 


I’ve used 3 superiority die, second wind, and action surge.  I announce that he’s declared war against Lillith and must be stopped and attack him.  He unleashes lightning that drops Gabe, Christina, and Mike.  Jake frightens him into the room with the mirror and a steel gate drops. 


We move up to the surface and have a long rest.  We contemplate our course of action, and how we can kill him.  We conclude that the Emberglass may NOT be an artifact of Pelor.  I give my rousing speech (14 temp hp) highlighting all of the misdeeds and evils of the dragonborn and of the Elusive Brethren.   Stone statues in the room of male and female knights in plate mail facing each other.

Protection from Evil- disadvantage on all attack rolls vs us, and he cannot charm or fear us. 

The door to the Emberglass room has a swinging scythe trap, a pit trap with arrows and darts within it.  It’s got strong magics of all kinds except abjuration.   We manage to escape the room.  There is ticking inside the Emberglass room.  I’m poisoned, but then Andy removes the poisoned condition.  I use a second wind to heal.  Then we take a long rest.  My rope is cut into 20’ and 30’ segments. Christina (Lena) and Andy realize that no one has identified this mirror as the Emberglass.  We consider following up on the employer who stiffed Mike on his pay for creating a teleportation circle for the Elusive Brethren. 

The return from the swamps

After two of the party members dying in the battle with the Fiendish Black Dragon the Godslayer has vanished in the aftermath.  The monk has felt that he has fulfilled what he set out to accomplish and is ready to get back to his meditations and away from the adventuring.

The party runs into new comrades and learns of the black dragonborn being back into Littleroot. The funeral for Siginea happens and the party leaves to head to Littleroot.

At the cross roads the party meets some travelers that have been mangled by some blurry wolves with no eyes?

Spectral Wolves that have displaced ability.  Known as Terror Wolves.  They have some fear effect and a strange poison in their bites.  

2 Party members had Terror poison. Successfully treated and will reduce down.  

The party has gone back into littleroot and have found that the dragonborn were seeking out a book that was sent from Elwood.  The dragonborns have used a cursed item to get information from the scribe Clarence. The party also gave the blacksmith Dalin 2 suits of very bad smelling magic armor to trade for a suit of normal plate armor. 

The party went to Elwood to find if the coach with the scribed book showed up. They hear some dragonborn have arrived with a coach.  About 8 of them showed up with it.  They learn the book never made it to the temple but the artifact may be in ruins south of elwood.   They get a guide to take them there and they pick up the pace after finding some blood on one of the traps.  

They arrive at the ruins and find 2 dead elves outside the ruins.  Some of the party take 11 damage from the traps along the path leading to the ruins.  

Through the Swamps

The party has been trekking through the swamp going after where the Fiendish Black Dragon is. 

A dire mosquito, 2 swamp sharks, and a giant alligator attack the party.  The mosquito grabs Fing and is killed before dragging him away.  The alligator drags off the undying under water Theoloneous finds 12 dragon heads swaying under the water where the alligator dragged him.

4 Kobolds attacked and were killed quickly then Fing lost some strength from a shadow attacking under the water.

An elderly kobold met with the party and said he will take them to the dragon.

Party decides to go north to check out Grams dream andmeets a gnome at the hut.  Fing drinks a weird potion and sees green globs on people. (detect disease 3 days) 

Gran casts a random ritual through a book of flesh he didn't know about.  A great old one thanked him for opening a seal and told him they may use him later but he won't be returning after the fight.

Gran cuts off his pinky finger on his left and and puts it in a vial with pickling juice to pickle it.

Party leaves to fight the dragon walking through a portal that weakens some of them.

The dragon is slain but not before it kills Siginea.  Then the shadow burst gets Gram.

<u>Dragon Loot</u>

Mirror of Life Trapping
4' tall;50lbs;AC 11 10hp vuln to bludgeoning shatters at 0hp
5' from it command word to activate.
those other than you that see it within 30' must DC 15 cha save or be trapped in it.  If they know what the mirror is they get advantage.
area inside is dimension filled with fog limiting vision to 10'. While inside they don't age,need to eat, drink or sleep.  Planar travel will let you get out.  otherwise stuck till can get out.

Staff of Power, Lesser
+1 to attack and dmg. +1 AC, saves, and spell attack rolls.
10 charges. Regains 1d8 charges per day
Uses your spell save and attack
5 Charges – Cold
5 Charges – Fireball (lv 5)
5 Charges – globe of invulnerability
5 Charges – hold monster
3 Charges – levitate
5 Charges – lightning bolt (lv 5)
1 Charge – Magic Missile
1 Charge – Ray of Enfeeblement
5 Charges – Wall of Force
Breaking the staff will explode in a 30' radius with 50% chance to send all there to random planes.  if you fail to avoid the effect then you take 16 x the number of charges force dmg
Others rather than you must make DC 17 Dex check. 8xcharges for 10', 6xcharges for 20', or 4xnumber of charges for 30'

Wand +1 – Ugly

Vial of Purple glowing Liquid – Remove Curse

7500 gp in art items

Trolls in the mountains

The party is gathered around the watering hole for the trolls.  One of them fled back while another was killed.  The party is currently in waiting…

The party sets up a new ambush.  Lina shocks one in the balls.  The party starts destroying the trolls then the mage shows disrupting Sigineas guardian.  He then shoots the mage with the god weapon and it flees.  Then the metal clad trolls showed.  Myra uses heat metal on one and it starts cursing badly as it is burning.

The iron clad trolls got bottle necked one fell back and burrowed through the walls toget in another side of the wall.   Killed 3 trolls, 2 ironclad trolls, and scared off a troll mage.

Found black blood is a disease.  Every day the black blood total will decrease by 5.  While black blood is on anyone they subtract that amount from any healing to a minimum of 0. 

Party drags the bodies out, and rests in the rocks above the cavern tricking the persuers.

Party drops armor off at Littleroot.  resistant to bludgeoning, slashing, and Piercing.  But it is disadvantage on spell saving throws.

Party rests and party for the night feeling refreshed in the morning.

Gran contracted Sight Rot gaining -1 to any d20 roll that involves sight.  After 5 days he can become blind permanently.   Lesser restore and heal do not remove this disease, needs Eyebright flower that rarely grows in swamps.

On the road to Mir a traveler meets with the party.  He claims he wants a grand death and pay. Over night the Sight Rot worsens to -2.

On the Second night Gran and Lina get a nightmare and wake up seeing the party as monsters.  The party are pummeling each other to stop them attacking them.

The party gets attacked by a gibbering mouther which was the cause of the nightmares.  They kill it after knocking out Gran and Lina.

The Sight Rot progresses to a -3 after sleeping and get into town in just a few hours.  In Mir the traveler and Theloneous bury the body.

The people of Mir tell them that alligators, dread mosquitoes, swarms of bugs, Snakes, and spiders.

The party ventures into the swamp.  In the swamp a constrictor snake dangles down grabbing Gran and tries to pull him into the trees above.  Lina kills the snake dropping Gran.  Then an alligator shows up chomping down on Myra and Theloneous.  Lina shoots a firebolt finishing off the alligator.

A dire mosquito in a tree throws the traveler out.  Gran shoots it with eldrtich blast and it grabs him and starts flying off.

Lina put up a web blocking the mosquito from leaving with Gran.   The party deals with it but not before Gran loses 4 con.

Party has taken a short rest mid morning of Day 1 in the swamp.

Party gains 3,000xp each



The party has taken care of the green dragon and now are ready to make the trip to Mir to take care of the fiendish black dragon.  

Day 1

At the crossroads the party hears rumors of trolls near littleroot and feels that is more crucial since the black dragon is at bay for many years still.

Day 2

They rest near the mines and 20 trolls come out at the party dispelling the camp site and using magic and claws.  8 spell casters turn invisible and flee back into the cave after dispelling some of the parties spells.

The trolls look to be making mincemeat to the party before Lina drops 3 fireballs on them dropping most of the trolls and then uses her acid splash to destroy most of them.  This version of troll is only stopped from regenerating from acid and cold damage.  The party did kill one of the casters with a glave +1 that makes you immune to frightened condition and makes you emit a sour odor.  Fing took the weapon.

Day 3 & 4

They travel into Littleroot and buy 15 acid flasks.  The town can't afford to pay for the help of the PCs but would greatly appreciate it.

Boddiknock changes gabe into an ogre for 2 days to aid in dealing with the trolls.  Party returns to the mine resting farther away.  

Day 4 & 5

In the mines the party finds the hole to the underground has been broken open to a large size size opening.  

A peircer falls onto Lina then Fing pulls it out of her and Theloneous beat it like a pinnate.  Then Fing squashed it.  Moving around the corner the Party finds a chest and it turns out to be a mimic with the carpet also as a mimic.  It eats Grans raven then the party fights it.

The party finds no trolls and sets up ambush by the water source.  They kill the first troll then do the same to a second. But the second calls something out before dying.  Causing 2 casters to come toward him.   Gran uses telekinetics to dip one of the trolls into the water head first.  Then repeats this on the second after the first dies.  Lina miraculously learns 3 levels worth of new spells to aid in killing the trolls.

Killing the trolls the party is still around the watering hole and more may be on the way…

5,750 xp each player

Currently still around noon on Day 5 around the watering hole with 3 troll bodies

Returning to Mir

The party is ready to free the swamps around Mir from the fiendish black dragon terrorizing the area.

The party talks with the town crier and Gran says that instead of the 1000gp if they could get some property for a trading post instead.  The towncrier said he will talk with the lordship to ask to meet the party.

Siginea sent message saying Erik was going to kor and to Grug and Grug said he is already on his way back.

Hogs Head traveler is heading here in 2 days.  (Grug)  

Siginea casts commune
1) Is eric on myst? yes
2) Is eric in lillith? no
3) Is eric in halov? no

Siginea casts commune again
4) Is eric in durst? no
5) Is eric in runic? no
6) Is eric in erril? no

Finding Eric is in Evelonia from other answers.

Siginea tries casting communing again 2 more times but they both fail.

PCs find that highest service casting in Kor is 4th level.

Gran buys 2 1st level scrolls from the wizards.  Tensers floating disc and invisible stalker.  

Towncrier says Lord will meet with the party for lunch tomorrow at a nobles tavern. Queens Wine Inn.

Next Day
Siginea sent a message to Grug telling him Evelonia is where Erik is.  Answer back was "You better have a specific location when I get there and a way to travel to him or I will have your heads."

Signiea communes again
1) is erik on the move? no
2) Is erik traveling within 10 days? no
3) Is he in the northern half of evelona? no

Signiea communes again
4) Is he in or near a city or major town? no
5) Is he near the corrupted Lake? no
6) 50 miles from the coast? no (note: 25 miles in a days journey)

Siginea fails next two communes

Party heads to the Queens Wine Inn.  Lord asks them to have a seat.

Party negotiates on means to set up a trade post between Kor and Caldin.  If they kill both dragons and make a trade route to Caldin they will get land and a Trading post pg 128.  Plus title to Gran Barron.  Lord Karin agreed to knight all the party if they kill the dragon in Mir.

PCs prepare to go after the green dragon.  The party splits costs for 2 protection from poison potions and with Signeas spells everyone will have protection from poison.

Pcs approach the Lilac Woods and see the encroaching briars.

Fing saw a green tip of a tail move around a corner.
Myra fireballed some wyrmlings
Siginea sacred flames one
The party finds 5 wyrmlings and starts fighting.

The mother shows up starting with a cloud of confusion.  lina became confused.  Dragon came down and breathed over gran hitting most the party.  The dragon causes Gran to be frightened and destroys most of his hit points.  

Siginea mass heals the party after they get knocked down heavy in hit points.

The last of the wyrmlings are slain then siginea shoots the god weapon at the dragon, charges into battle and heals the party.

Lair Treasure
Pot of climbing
cantrip scroll x2
Pot of greater healing
Pot of Healing

Party gets back to town after killing off the dragon.

Lina has dragon hide for purse

Fing has enough dragon scales to make a chest armor & one talon

Myra – a frill spike for ring creation

Gran – gets enough wing for a cloak.


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