Lt. Bryce Dundragon


My father, Enter Name here, is a paymaster in the army. I grew up with my dad and was exposed to military life from a young age. The camaraderie, the heroic stories of valor, martial values of honor, teamwork, and even all the games played to pass the time; all became a part of my life and I knew I wanted a military career from a young age. Other officers took me under their wing, I trained hard, and I learned the skills needed to be successful.

When I was old enough, I became a soldier. I eagerly accepted orders and assignments, got along well with others, was frequently seen helping my fellow soldiers learn this or that aspect of soldiering. I was seen as a good example and influence on the troops, and earned my first command. I was sent to several small garrisons, and earned a reputation for getting them into shape and battle ready. Then I got promoted, which required me to go back to the same base/camp as my father. Rumors were spread. Too young, people said. My father pulled strings, went the stories. Accusations of nepotism were thrown around, with some assuming that it was my father’s connections, and not my own skill that got me the commission/promotion. It became a scandal, the scuttlebutt of the military. No one really argued I wasn’t a good officer. It just looked bad, and I was too young anyway. The naysayers, backstabbers, and political operatives were just too much. Out of respect for my father’s career and reputation, and to help maintain good order and discipline in the ranks, I thought that resigning my commission was the honorable thing to do. The military had been my life, and now I suddenly find myself jobless, with no other skills to earn a living, and a strong urge to prove the naysayers wrong.

I had heard from my old platoon sergeant that the town of Greennest needed help securing the town from outside invaders, and someone to train the local militia. In correspondence with him, it has been mentioned that he is growing weary and “feeling the hairs on the back of his neck standing at attention”. He believes there is work for me in his town, and can introduce me to the mayor. Perhaps organizing Greennest’s defenses as a private security contractor is where my career will take me.

I join a dragon paladin, Bret, and we join a merchant caravan, guarding it until it reaches Greennest. Maris a Monk. Malcolm possibly a warlock. Thin, carries no weapons, cloak pulled over his head. Worships the old ones, sends enemies screaming and running, telepathy, but I don’t know it. Ahnoshiana a tall slender, pale, blue eyes, white girlie dress all the way to the ground, haughty…

Kobolds, a blue dragon, and people in purple robes are attacking the town. The merchant runs forward into town, wants us to go to the keep because that’s where his ~10 family members in town would be. The monk knocks him out for an hour. We kill a group of 3 kobolds, then move forward toward the keep with the monk in the lead. We stumble upon another group of kobolds “For the grey (great?) queen!” one says, and charge forward.

I see Sargent Red at the keep. Governor Nighthill is the mayor, he leads me up the top of the keep and says there are missions:

  1. have a prisoner we could question
  2. get more people into the keep
  3. supply- secret tunnel to the stream, food for a couple of months.

We need to have that tunnel cleared. The kobolds came out of the mines and killed the miners. The tunnel needs to be cleared out.

We go into the tunnel. Sargent Red has organized supplies in the tunnel. Rats swarm and attack us. Ahnoshiana poison sprays the rats, and they swarm onto us. I use inspiration to drink my healing potion. We take a short rest.

We sneak up on and surprise the patrol of 4 kobolds and 2 humans on the riverbank. The 4 kobolds are quickly dispatched. Maris knocks out the acolyte and Ahnoshiana charms the human.

We separate the two, question the fighter for up to an hour before the charm spell spell wears off. ”We are collecting loot for the great queen of dragons who will be ushered in. His leader is the acolyte. Dragonborn leader of the kobolds, who is blue dragon based, Langdedrosa Cyan, is a half blue dragon. They have dragon eggs nearby, to collect a hoard and have the dragon eggs there, under heavy guard a few days away. He saw an elf with silver hair who made a great sacrifice, killed by the priests, after the men get to have their fun. Fighter doesn’t know how to bring back Tiamat, but they are making the way for her return. There are hundreds of kobolds and 4 platoons of 30 acolytes in the force of Cult of the Dragon, eggs at the camp being guarded, some of the eggs have polka dots (is he crazy?). The acolyte’s face is beaten badly and he cannot talk right now. From what we know of the Cult of the Dragon they usually work with dead dragons.

The evil cleric’s head splits open and a brain with 4 legs jumps out, runs up, Ahnoshiana screams, I swing at air thinking it’s invisible, Ahnoshiana casts at Malcolm. Ahnoshiana’s head splits open, and the [I was going to say more about the fight with the intellect devourer here].

Downstairs we see that the barracks has been shut, closed off to the outside as the tower has been surrounded. The creature climbs and goes over the stone wall very quickly. “it is a denizen of the far realms…it said not to follow.”

Most of the army is besieging us, but a tenth of it, mostly all of the kobolds, are leaving it. The kobolds are taking a bunch of prisoners with them, and a The cultists watch confused, as the kobolds leave with prisoners to the northwest, opposite direction of the tunnels and a different direction from the other army, and without loot. The dragon is still flying overhead. The cultists are still looting. From the beginning the kobolds were after the humans and the cultists were after loot.

We talk to the mayor “Find out what this creature is, and find our people.” I tell Sargent Red gives us the two guards and “go to the priesthood and get a cleric.” We head to the priesthood and get a cleric. Father Gorion says to take Remy.

We are spotted by kobolds, kill 4 kobolds. We find 3 horses. Dawn is starting to break, we traveled all during the day, nighttime starts to settle, the trail is hard to see in the night. Set up a watch. Malcolm takes mid-shift, I’ll take last watch, and the soldiers will take turns with the 1st two watches. I take the 4th watch. I feel a tremble, and wake up Malcolm. An ankheg jump up on the hill, spits acid at a horse and melts its face. We beat him down, and one of the guards gets a killing blow.

We follow the tracks into the Wood of Sharp Teeth with a smooth green glass tower (keep, almost castle) in a ravaged field from an ancient battle. We feel as if a force were watching us. Is this tower aware of our presence? Is this tower aware?

We kill 6 guards as we make our way in. In the next room are 4 kobolds, one with wings. I fall in a pit trap, but we manage to kill them with Malcolm’s mind blast, my slings and the . The tower opens, we kill the 2 kobolds inside (12 total killed out of the ~50 that left Greennest). We go inside the glass tower to rest. I’ll be first watch, but no one notices the dead kobolds strewn about the place.

We go into a room where 6 kobolds are gambling and kill them all. The double doors appear sturdy and not often opened. Blades, bows and arrows built for medium sized creatures. Old but decent. 6 daggers, 2 longswords, 3 bows, 3 quivers of 10 arrows.

We kill another 3 kobolds in the dining room (21 total killed), and find the kitchen where we fight another 4, including a cleric. I’m knocked out. We kill the 3 kobolds and capture the cleric. Malcolm interrogates the kobold “You speak the same as my master…Shastyr the almighty…He’s upstairs or in his bedroom, through the doors.” The human captives are “downstairs…Master likes humans.” Malcolm takes us to the armory to rest. “Shastyr uses magic, not from the Gods, he’s a kobold…[he’s alone]” “The humans are with the master of my master.”

Scroll tube with 3 green crystal shards. I hand them to Malcolm. They resonate with psychic energy. The shards have a flat, square end with settings on them.

There is a small wooden box. It’s poisoned, and I am poisoned for one hour. There are 2 red healing potions and I drink them both, and a blue potion of water breathing. There is a bag with 27pp and 220gp (and we have 4 potions of healing from the kitchen, one each on Bryce and the 2 fighters). We let the kobold cleric go, sans tongue, and a short rest.

There is a central spire, around which stairs wind up. It is a psychic elevator, with square holes and markings to the side which show how to set the shards. He has another mind lance key, very very nice dagger and a lightly humming ring. 15cp on the table.

Over a short rest, we learn about the magic items. Griffin takes the dagger and I get the ring. We all have nightmares about the intellect devourer splitting open Ahnoshiana’s skull. We know which mind shard settings take us to the ground floor and the 2nd floor. One was already set to the second floor. The keys have 4 slots with 4 options on each.
Stairs wind downward. We draw out the positions on the keys for the ground and second floor. We go downstairs 50’ and the stairs lead away from the spire. We find a filthy, overweight, bald tortured merchant and rescue him from the 2 kobolds guarding him. He is Borlon, the owner of Blind Basilisk Tavern and Inn, and offers for us to stay for free anytime for rescuing us. The others he thinks were taken deeper in by the kobolds, and he has only seen kobolds. A human who looked like a cultist but whose mind was blank took the rest of the villagers.

We find three human corpses cut open, moonspider body dismembered, with moonspider parts sown on to the humans. Moonspiders are large sized. The corporal knows one of the humans from Greennest, the other two humans are likely from elsewhere. Monk, Merrith, falls into a pit trap with sticky webbing, we destroy a spider swarm and Merrith climbs out. A section of stone wall pivots revealing a passage to the west.
The hallway leads to a second secret door. Two groups of 4 stone caskets each flank a brazier covered in soot, a large spider appears in thin air while two smaller ones descend from the ceiling. 124gp and 126sp in the tombs. There is a gold chain with gold hand amulet holding a trio of rubies. Periapt of Wound Closure- if you are dying, you are automatically stabilized. It doubles the hp you regain from rest, which goes to Merrill.
Beyond the spider/crypt room there is a rubble blocked passage with a human hand sticking out. Upon removing the body, there is a ring of a gilded feather wrapped around itself. Merril gets it.

Thick webs block sight with desiccated recently dead human villager, beyond with hungry eyes gleaming back at us. He is pointing toward something hidden in the webbing, a gen shinning with inner light- Gem of Brightness, which goes to the cleric. A sword of fine make dangles in the corner. It glimmers with a soft pale light when Bryce grasps it, Moonlight.

After a long rest: We go to the room south of the last spider room. Merith falls in a pit with spiders who swarm him. I’ve lost 5 arrows so far.

Long dead giant spider in a room with a free standing closet and spider webs hanging down from the closet. Scratching noises are coming from the closet. Bryce approaches the closet to investigate. Phase spiders shoot webs at Merith and the Cleric, knocking down the cleric as they descend from the ceiling to attack. Just then the closet door flies open, a giant spider inside attacking Bryce. After a long battle they are slain. The corpse of the long dead giant spider glitters when we look at it from different angles. Inside we find a Suit of mithril armor(Cleric), 4 tiger eye stones (10gp each) and 3 moonstones (50gp each). A section of stone pivots, revealing a dark stone passageway south.

The floor is covered in elaborate rugs, pedestal in the middle with a wooden chest on it. The rugs come to life, smothering me. 4 rugs are attacking. We kill them. A hole in the floor contains a key. The chest is trapped with a pin, so we chop the lock. In the chest are 4 potions: 2 red potions of healing, and 2 blackish unidentified potions. 2 mindlance keys. A wand of (???). A pair of simple leather bracers, exquisitely well-made. I open the pouch and see blackness, even when lit- Bag with a 500gp black pearl, 3 50gp onyz, 10 gp turquoise.

The key goes to an ornate door in the next hallway, which opens to a large T-shaped room with no webs, Valexia’s chamber. Moldy tapestries hang from the wall. A plain chair faces into the room. There is a long table with weapons displayed. 4 giant spiders and other creatures are prostrating themselves from the wall. UP on the wall is a creature that looks like a beautiful elven maiden with the body of a giant spider, a drider. “Ah, my pets….who are you?” she asks. Inside the room are 2 phase spiders, 4 giant spiders, 2 ettercaps, and a drider. We run back to the horses, but they are not there. There is a hole in the ground near where the horses were, apparently they were eaten by anhkegs. We start to walk back to town, but the 4 giant spiders have come out of the crystal keep after us. We stand our ground and they attack us, paralyzing the guards, but we kill them as the 2 ettercaps run up into combat. The ettercaps paralyze Merith, but we kill the ettercaps just as a phase spider appears next to me, then the other phase spider behind me. Cleric blinds one of the phase spiders with the Gem of Brightness. We kill the phase spiders. The dryder comes out to the entrance, appears unable to leave the crystal keep. We consider returning to town, but she goads me into attacking her by telling me of the villagers she’ll eat. Bryce moves back into the keep to attack her, while the cleric blinds her with the gem. The fight is a long one, but eventually the drider is slain.

On her body is a nice crafted Longbow, and 55 arrows. A Wand of Web. A wicked looking Dagger, 2 potions of greater healing (4d4+4) a piece of parchment with the mindlance setting for the 3rd level aka BB, or 2nd basement. We rest for a long while before returning to the drider’s lair (taking a short rest + a long rest).

In her room we find 4 potions of healing, 3 longswords, a nice looking dagger, 4 leather pouches with 416gp, 85gp, 12 sp, 77gp, 8sp, and a small 100gp amethyst and a pair of 6-sided dice that always seem to roll 6’s must be magic.

We decide that before we go back to town we will finish searching that level.

Currently I have lost track of my old comrades and have been doing odd jobs around the city of Kor. My father is still in position along the border of Halov and Lillith in case war breaks off. In my latest mission I was tasked by Sargent Borgalis of the Lillith millitary to look into an amulet they found on a Halovian Spy. The amulet is of a cluster of eyes around a central eye. They have given me this amulet and I have been given orders to keep Sargent Borgalis informed of my findings. He has me doing this so that the military is not blamed for anything that I may have to do to get this information. Last thing we need it to start a war.

Lt. Bryce Dundragon

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