Races of Mystic

Dwarf Elf Gnome
Half Elf Half Orc Halfling
Human Kame  

Classes of Mystic

Artificer Barbarian Bard
Cleric Druid Fighter
Monk Paladin Psychic
Ranger Rogue Sorcerer

Magic Items

A note about 5th edition magic items.  The average amount of magic items a character will acquire is listed below.  Also note without a feat you cannot attune to more than 3 magic items and to reattune to a new magic item it takes 1 day.


  • 1 common consumable every level from 1 to 5
  • 1 uncommon consumable every level from 6 to 10
  • 1 rare consumable every level from 11 to 15
  • 1 very rare consumable every level from 16 to 19
  • 1 legendary consumable at level 20


  • 1 uncommon permanent at level 4
  • 1 uncommon permanent at level 7
  • 1 rare permanent at level 11
  • 1 rare permanent at level 14
  • 1 very rare permanent at level 16
  • 1 legendary permanent at level 19

Summer of 692 (Mid July)

The Royal Court

  • King Elrich Crow has had his 3rd son.  Darion Vincent Crow.
  • A merchants son was knighted, Sir Gallic, for risking his life to save a small farming community just south of North Lillith.

Local News: Littleroot

  • The mines north of town that were thought to be haunted, are now confirmed to be just overrun by some evil subterranean creatures through a small tunnel that opened up by some miners.
  • An artifact was found in the woods to the east of Littleroot.  But was buried when it was used to transport aggressors too close to the small village.
  • A vicious murder happened in Littleroot.  The suspect fled with some local heroes chasing after them.

Local News: Kor

  • The land around a local farm opened up into a series of caverns, and a gigantic snake came out to feed on the livestock in the area.  Some heroes killed the snake but the openings into the tunnels remain.
  • The noble Erik Regimus has come to town on a diplomatic mission from King Borengrov Halov.  After just 3 weeks of being in Kor he was robbed of some expensive item he had with him.  Authorities don't know the specifics of the item but he went to great lengths to hide the presence of the item through steel and lead lining an entire building.  A week after the robbery  he mysteriously disappeared.

Tavern Talk

  • A winged beast has been seen in the skies south of Kor
  • Whispers have been heard in the woods near Elwood of dark magic and curses
  • A pale skinned man has slain a large beast saving a small village in Runic.

PCs Inventory Quest Items

The Blue Eyed Boy

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