The Blue Eyed Boy

Finding the source of the assassins

Mid July

Deciding the Emberglass is safe and that the black scale dragonborn is gone.  The party decides to help their new friend (mikes character) to find a man he created a teleportation circle for that hired assassins to kill him.  The party is preparing to teleport into there from the circle in Elwood.

They teleport into Winstons teleportation circle (mikes former employer). They are stuck behind bars in an anti magic zone.

Winston tells them to kill mike and he will let them go.  The party refuses and winston tells them he will return in a few days. 

andy shoots a bolt with rope on it hitting the lever and pulling it down activating the gate down below.

They dangle mike down and a golem snatches him out of the air.  Then throws him to another golem.  Jake ties up the feet of the one holding mike.  It goes to throw mike the tied rope makes mike fall down then it tries to move and trips over the rope falling onto mike.  Steve digs out the rope and jake cuts it.  and they flee into the porthole.

they come into a rust monster den.   They kill the queen as swarms come flying out of the wounds.  Andy uses a torch and starts burning away the swarms.  The party clears the cavern out of rust monsters and finds a magic belt: steve is wearing it. (if you ever fall to 0hp and you still have your reaction you may immediately take a disengage action and can take one move action before falling unconscious.) they find a spell book and use the money to repair and replace lost gear.  cost was 1/3 cost per negative they lost.

They teleport back to Kor.  And watch winston to see his actions.

Party hires a family for 14gp to stay there.  

Steve sends a message "I determine that winston bosh is a part of the elusive brethren…"

Grug found fing and sent him back to the fire pit with a banish spell and he was banished to a city with people that speak some other language.  The fishy smell is all around here.  Cthulhu like being rises up and he flees back.


kodarr kodarr

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