The Blue Eyed Boy

The return from the swamps

After two of the party members dying in the battle with the Fiendish Black Dragon the Godslayer has vanished in the aftermath.  The monk has felt that he has fulfilled what he set out to accomplish and is ready to get back to his meditations and away from the adventuring.

The party runs into new comrades and learns of the black dragonborn being back into Littleroot. The funeral for Siginea happens and the party leaves to head to Littleroot.

At the cross roads the party meets some travelers that have been mangled by some blurry wolves with no eyes?

Spectral Wolves that have displaced ability.  Known as Terror Wolves.  They have some fear effect and a strange poison in their bites.  

2 Party members had Terror poison. Successfully treated and will reduce down.  

The party has gone back into littleroot and have found that the dragonborn were seeking out a book that was sent from Elwood.  The dragonborns have used a cursed item to get information from the scribe Clarence. The party also gave the blacksmith Dalin 2 suits of very bad smelling magic armor to trade for a suit of normal plate armor. 

The party went to Elwood to find if the coach with the scribed book showed up. They hear some dragonborn have arrived with a coach.  About 8 of them showed up with it.  They learn the book never made it to the temple but the artifact may be in ruins south of elwood.   They get a guide to take them there and they pick up the pace after finding some blood on one of the traps.  

They arrive at the ruins and find 2 dead elves outside the ruins.  Some of the party take 11 damage from the traps along the path leading to the ruins.  


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