The Blue Eyed Boy

Research in the temple

Steve is looking up Boshes independent dealings.  (business, organizations, etc…)

where did he get training (and learn abyssal)?(investigation) Education spans between halov and lillith.

Jake is looking up access to records of this library (as much as possible)(investigation) (found Ghesh Drachedandion entered the library more than others in past 6 months.)

Mike is looking up Blue eyed boy prophecy (related events to it) or any more to it? (history) (prophecy has come true every time last time was 500yrs ago)

Gabe is looking up the powerful agents of orcus. (religeon) followed by many

Christina is looking Mirror artifact (emberglass) (arcana)

Day 2

Steve – Halovian espionage (History) messages sent in code and through a few channels by magic before hitting the final destination.

Mike – blue eyed boy how was past place destroyed. (History) explosions destroyed area.

Jake – searching for Ghesh (investigation or Persuasion)  dragon born will meet jake for dinner to discuss the blue eyed boy and prophecy.

Gabe – Civilizations destroyed (history) – boy about 12 destroyed it all through some power.

Christina – What swamp was it noted on last. (History) no idea of the swamp.

Day 3
Jake is going to dinner with dragonborn (& assist mike) (history) – he will look around for myra.

Mike stories about what happened (history) magic without using words or actions

Steve Boshes private dealings? (Investigation) no progress

Gabe  civilization important magics (arcana) they had wizards

Christina what swamp? (history) no location of swamp

Day 4
mike – map of fallen continent (History)- 

Jake – map of fallen continent (History) – Some destroyed places some rebuilt.

Steve – Boshes private dealings (Investigation) – Boshe has important dealings in Halov.   Transportation.

Gabe – Crazy magic (arcana) – no crazy magic research.

Christina (Swamp) (history) – in the forgotten swamp

Day 5

Emberglass path to it in forgotten swamp? yes
Is Elusive Brotherhood close to finding emberglass? yes
Is Emberlass in forgotten swamp? yes

Party teleports into Enrichings on harbor. They talk to the garrison for adviceon the the swamp then pay a guide for 5gp a day to traverse the swamp.  

Day 6
emberglass sw? yes
emberglass more w than s? yes
more than 2 day travel from me? uncertain

Head W & South from position at edge of the guides knowledge.

The party fights a squat frog beast that is clawing and biting the party.  Gabe becomes poisoned for 72 hours.  

Day 7 
1/2 day outside Shallowhaven

Emberglass in shallowhaven? no
Is Emberglass south or below shallowhaven?no
Could something call the Emberglass their possession? yes
Has the position of the Emberglass changed in the last week? yes
Does the Elusive Bretheren have the emberglass? yes
Do I regret not teleporting to where the blue eyed boy is? unclear

Day 8
is emberglass on its way to north lillith by river? no
is emberglass on its way to enrichingson harber? no
has the emberglass been teleported in the last few days? yes

Sending to Bodyknock.  Brotherhood has the emberglass they want the kid we need to find kid before them.  Where is he or who?  

Safe in protections.  Come see me I can show you the way.

Sending again:  Are you sure its the frickin emberglass we are talking about here.  could you give me teleportation circle town.

kid across dimensions only special path to get there.  not sure of emberglass power.


kodarr kodarr

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