The Blue Eyed Boy

Staking out Winston's place

Day 1
Players get a letter meant for servant of the house to tell them to feed the prisoners.

Mike tries to scribe on Steves commander but fails twice.

Party learned Winston Bosche owns 1/8th of Kor & his ancestors saved one of the kings.

They learn of Gnolls.

They find out that 12-20 year olds are being equipped to deal with the gnolls.

Mayor is offering 10gp per head for the gnolls.

Party goes out to meet with the gnolls.

The party dispatches the gnolls but steves character gets affected by some curse and begins attacking the party.

The party uses magic to hold Steve back until the curse passes.  

Gabes character is freed from the cage and they release the people that tell them most of the gnolls were changed by the leaders from other farmers

Day 2
then turn in the 10 gnoll heads for the 100gp bounty.

Tell the captain of the guard to see where the cage on wheels came from.  To follow the tracks.

Mike fails at scrying again but andy succeeds

Winston boshe is elusive bretheren with many rust monster destroyed human remains found. Can we arrest from Dundragon?  

answer no wait for letter tomorrow.

Jake finds out that winstons name is stricken from lots of records.

Mike buys access to all major teleportation circles in lillith.


Letter:  Is the teleportation circle private or public?  Have you entered the residence uninvited or invited in?  Winston Boche is a powerful figure politically and has lots of sway over most of the nation.  His family was first given land and holdings saving the life of the first king our nation had.  Their family has pull on the laws in our kingdom and could of just made Owen a wanted man.  Why would he have tried to kill him through assassins when he could have the whole of the kingdom out to get him?  The human remains explain this part more.  I can't tell you more but Winston does have the right to use torture to get information from people for our country.  Some may die from torture not everyone has the same threshold of pain.  It is up to him where to make those bodies disappear.  I am not allowed to tell you more about what he does for our kingdom but I find from the information you gave me you will have a hard time convincing anyone to take action.   What proof have you found that he is part of the elusive brethren?

Mike buys a focus from north lillith and returns day 4.  

Winston flees to Nettisburgh.  aftertelling a maid to kill the party.

Day 4
3 assassins attack and drop mike.  The party heals mikes, gabe put up a wall of fire and mike teleported away.  Teleported them to The Council.  They gave up their weapons to enter the holy temple.  They will get them back and plan on teleporting to Nettisburgh the following day.


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