The Blue Eyed Boy

The temple of Boccob in the council and Nettisburgh

The party searches the Council and gabe finds a wand of magic missile that needs blood to function.  The rest of the party searches about the town.  Going to the embassy, the temple, and the tavern.

They meet up with a Dwarf in the tavern (jakes new char).

The night goes past.  Jake buys a cloak of protection that doesn't let him lock or unlock items. Stone of luck that you get lost if you are alone and can't find way around. steve gets boots of flying req attunement and glow when abberations are near as well as abberations get advantage about you.   myra gets rope of climbing that mutters

Day goes by and the party gets rdy to head underground to fight a worm left behind by the dead illithids.  They come to a part in the sewers that is broken out of where they killed off the illithids.

They fight off 2 mutated elves that heal by fire.  They then fight off 2 more in the tunnels around the illithid.  Both times daylight helped getting rid of them all.  

In the second fight they fight a mutated stone crab creature.  Gabe walled of fired on the crab thing and left it there the whole fight to manipulate the battlefield.  The crab thing burrowed to the back of the party to get away from the fire as a gargantuan worm creature came up from the passage.  The worm cast feeblemind on mike who had spirit guardian up since it sensed the magic emanating from him not to mention the daylight he had.   Mike failed the save losing both his int and cha.  Steve charged it and the worm swallowed him.  He fell unconscious from the stomach acids.  However, right before death he awakens and hacks his way out of the mouth of the beast and then stabs it through the eye killing it right before it lets loose more acid from it's 60' cone.


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